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Our Mission

To be agents of change by providing motivational events and services that deliver life changing value globally.


One day people will live a life of passion having realized their purpose.

Our Vision

Every person will realize  their purpose to make a difference.

We are on the face of the earth to give hope, belief and life changing experience through motivation, inspiration and transformation.


When you work with us, we are your partners and support you while you work towards your greatness to reaching your desired lifestyle. We help many individuals and couples achieve their personal goals, thrive in their relationships and be inspired to develop a victorious mindset.

We provide practical coaching, training and reading materials that will:

  • Change you from being unstuck and progress you past where you are now,

  • move you out of the fog and give you clarity to see your life possibilities,

  • help you release doubts and frustrations and inspire you to make intentional decisions,

  • eliminate your confusion and uncertainty to charting your unique path to reach your goals,

  • get you started because it is time to take control of your destiny!

Wayne is an ordained Minister who has spoken in various parts of the world, holds a PhD in Christian Leadership, an Author, a Divorce Coach and a transformational Speaker.


Francezia is a Human Resources professional with over 10 years’ experience, a Life Strategy Coach and a Vision Board Facilitator.


We are the Co-Founders of ImpactOne International and we continue to navigate through our individual and collective personal journeys and our life lessons have transformed us into Change Agents. With our 30 years of combined experience, we are committed to working with you through your transformational journey for you to become empowered to living the life you desire.


Are you ready to conquer your challenges and take a stand to propel yourself into your life purpose? Are you ready to develop your road map for your future? Book a free strategy session with us. 



ImpactOne International is a personal and professional development company that works with people, collectively or individually, equipping them to attain their maximum potential to reach life fulfillment.

We produce quality services based on clients’ needs to ensure we add value.

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