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"I truly believe how a person is introduced to your life and the time they arrived has a purpose to fulfill and a relationship to gain.  Francezia was my first life coach and to say I was nervous was an understatement.  She allowed me to understand why certain things in my life was the way it was and why it doesn't have to be.  She encouraged me to push my limits, manage my time and negative talks. I walked away each session learning something new of myself and with positivity.  She's an amazing, insightful and wonderful coach.

"ImpactOne is awesome! Through my experience with ImpactOne as Team Leader of Jubilee Kid’s Ministry; Francezia not only presented exceptionally well – I believe the entire group including the adults left feeling encouraged, inspired, motivated and ready to take on the world! She has a way of helping one to dig deep into those “hidden treasures” within ourselves.


I look forward to GREAT things in the future from ImpactOne."


Kijana Millett-Pratt

New Testament Church Of God, Miracle Temple’s Jubilee Kid’s Club Ministry

"This was an excellent Vision Board workshop with a useful time for reflection and self discovery. I learned a lot about what I am missing and what I need to implement for my future happiness." S.C. 

""This was a great opportunity to stop and  give thought to one aspect of my life. To Visualize it, and now to Live it!" G.W.

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